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A cutting-edge show blending business + magic + leadership, Get Gutsy serves up a potent mix of stories, lessons, and actionable tips to help you make a massive impact in the world through your sacred work. No more going it alone. No more excuses. The world needs more brave women saying YES to leadership. Join award-winning coach Jenny Fenig for incredible interviews and messages that will shift you into inspired action. Let’s GET GUTSY now.
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May 23, 2019

I’m 42 today! What a ride it has been.

To celebrate, I’m hooking you up with 42 of my greatest lessons learned -- spanning everything from:


// Unleashing your wild self

// Giving yourself permission

// Shameless selling

// Choosing courage over comfort

// Being misunderstood

// Celebrating every NO

// Doing less + making more


Enjoy + thanks for being in my world!

Fierce love + magic,


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May 15, 2019

When my path crossed with Martine De Luna, I knew immediately she was a superstar.

One of my jobs as a coach is to spot talent. And Martine’s got it.

I’ve had the good fortune of coaching Martine - a mindset coach and personal brand strategist - in a few of my programs and helping her step more fully into her great work.

Hailing from the Philippines, Martine has a uniquely global perspective. On today’s show, she gets raw and real about letting go of her martyr mentality, questioning everything, stepping away from the traditional path and finding your bliss. Martine’s story proves that even when tough experiences are thrown your way, you don’t have to stay broken. You can break through.

Come and hear what Martine is taking a stand for in her work (this had her tossing and turning until she was ready to claim it). It’s powerful!

Tune in to discover:

  • Why she gets up in the morning
  • Her international upbringing as a third culture kid
  • How she followed her intuition and learned to question everything to follow the aligned path
  • How applying for a freelancer position that she found on Craigslist really paid off
  • Her journey as a blogger and a consultant to bloggers
  • Why she consistently seeks out and invests in mentors to help her grow
  • The series of events that broke her and caused her to shift her plan of action, and the business that got her back on her feet
  • The power of repetition


About Our Guest:

Martine is a Mindset Coach & Blissful Personal Brand Strategist for freedom-minded women who are hacking life to create a lifestyle of bliss and abundance in all areas.



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May 8, 2019

Emily Utter is a force. I first discovered her wearing underwear in her photos on Facebook. “Who is this woman?” I thought. Then I read her words. Over and over again, I’d see her posts and be blown away because the girl can write. And quite frankly, when someone can captivate with their words, they have my attention.

That’s what led to this conversation between me and Emily Utter, an adventurous entrepreneur who runs her coaching business from wherever she happens to be at the moment. Emily has the gift of persuasion and we can talk about how to harness that in your business.

Now Emily uses her platform to help entrepreneurs wade through the junk and the bad advice that’s out there so they can sell with confidence and fully express themselves with their work.

Tune in to discover:

  • What Emily calls “personality-based marketing” and why you should stop pretending to be someone else and instead show who you are to the world
  • How her early days in AmeriCorps taught her about activism and the power of persuasion
  • What it took for her to push through her fear and invest in her first high-end coaching program
  • How to re-evaluate your programs and make sure you are still having fun and doing work you love
  • How she makes her program launches work by using social media
  • The importance of equity and diversity in business


About Our Guest:

Emily Utter is a business coach for adventurous coaches, healers and service-based entrepreneurs who want to scale their "location independent" businesses and work from anywhere in the world!

Emily works with coaches, healers, and consultants to get out of the hustle, stop over giving, and start growing sustainable income that supports a healthy and happy freedom-filled lifestyle.

Her expertise is supporting coaches to scale their businesses to multiple six figures and beyond. To learn more about working with Emily, go to



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Apr 30, 2019

You are the #1 asset in your business … and in all areas of your life. If you’re not giving yourself the care that you need, you will not get to your desired destination. This isn’t so easy with the messages of HUSTLE HARDER in front of us daily.

Take a deep breath right now and get ready for a critical conversation today between me and self-care coach Elena Lipson. Her mission is to teach women how to redefine the hustle in exchange for creating a life we love with the Feminine Metrics of success: Pleasure, Play, Ease, Grace and Trusting Your Own Pace.

Elena is here to activate the activists. If you’re exhausted and burned out, you won’t use your voice to change the world. That’s not okay. This episode will LIGHT YOU UP and help you make your vision REAL by putting self-care first on your priority list.

Tune in to discover:

  • How to manage your time, energy and resources as a female entrepreneur
  • How to use your voice and swallow your fear to speak your truth
  • How to activate the purpose within you
  • The difference between masculine energy and feminine energy and how to use them both
  • Why it’s okay to re-evaluate what you are doing in life and pivot in order to make room to receive
  • Elena’s gutsy move that literally changed her life

About Our Guest:

Elena Lipson is an Intuitive Leadership and Self-Care Coach, Transformational Speaker, and Retreat Leader.

Elena is the creator of the The Divine Self-Care Circle, 66 Sacred Rituals, The Virtual Retreat Academy, and most recently, The Meditations & Musings Podcast.

Elena loves to work with thought leaders, mystics and change-makers to inspire them to redefine the hustle in exchange for creating a life they love with the Feminine Metrics of success: Pleasure, Play, Ease, Grace and Trusting Your Own Pace.

Through her speaking, writing, retreats, and online programs, Elena works with incredible women from all over the world to help them become the #1 asset in their life, business, and the bedroom by helping them reconnect to their intuition and reclaim their voice and body-wisdom.

Elena has lived in Russia, NYC, California and today happily enjoys the green trees and fresh air of the Pacific Northwest with her husband over 15 years and their son Miles.

You can find Elena’s writing in Huffington Post, Business Rocks Magazine, Business Heroine Magazine, and Coco Eco Magazine.

You can learn more about her and her work at



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Apr 23, 2019

This episode is a biggie.

It’s time to dig deep into what you truly care about and why … so you can put your energy there as you grow your business (instead of trying to appeal to ALL the people and feeling crappy).

This is a lesson in VALUES.

And knowing WHY you stand for what you stand for.

And knowing you’re allowed to STOP CARING when people who aren’t your ideal clients don’t like what you have to say or what you’re selling.

To step into this next level of your expansion, you must claim your VISION and POSITION that is so bold, so audacious, so confident that the sheer force of your commitment has a transformational effect on everyone you touch.

I want to talk about a few companies who are getting it right to get the creative and courageous juices flowing for you. I want you to see that taking a stand magnetizes your ideal clients and repels those who aren’t a fit. This is GOLD.

Come with me as we let your deeds speak your message to the world.


Big love,


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Apr 16, 2019

Panic attacks while promoting clubs in Rome, Italy led Lexi D’Angelo to realize she was made for so much more. She returned to the USA to pursue a new path through transcendental meditation, yoga and a career in sales for a radio company. But the anxiety didn’t go away.

She then discovered her next step: training to become a health coach and building up her business quite quickly, which led to burnout, more health issues and eventually shutting down her business.

When Lexi finally surrendered to her true passions - spirituality, astrology, magic, neurolinguistic programming mixed with business - she redesigned her work to make her fantasy her reality and help her clients do the same.

Lexi is pure magic. We first met at a full moon gathering and I could feel the light she has within her. I’m pumped to share this episode with you today. Get your wand and a warm cup of tea and let’s dive in!

Tune in to discover:

  • How success leaves clues
  • Why she made the decision to live life and explore being “sober curious”
  • Her journey into finding her calling and becoming a health coach, which has led to her continuous evolution
  • How she leveraged her 1:1 coaching model to shape her group coaching process
  • The health challenges that played a role in her life shift
  • The decisions that led her to tune into who she was and what she really desired in business
  • How she now helps healers and visionary leaders step into their magic and step into their own
  • Why you should update your programming
  • Her gutsy move that made others think she was insane for doing it

About Our Guest:

Lexi is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life + Success Coach for impact-driven soulpreneurs and visionary leaders who love cookies (g-free, duh) but haaaate cookie cutters. She empowers her clients to ditch the guru strategies that are sucking their souls and instead, tune into their inner guidance and claim their unique magic so they can create fulfilling and sustainable success, THEIR way—aka without sacrificing their purpose, passions, and priorities in the process.

Utilizing her signature Integrative Alchemy™ technique (a potent blend of NLP, hypnosis, energy healing, self-discovery tools, metaphysics, quantum physics, and ancient wisdom) and highly personalized business strategies, Lexi helps her clients overcome the limiting beliefs and patterns that have been keeping them stuck and upgrade their mind, body, soul, and energy so they can quantum leap to their next level of prosperity, self-expression and fulfillment.

Big love + big impact,

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Apr 10, 2019

I’ve had something on my heart for a while. Something that I can’t not say.

It feels big, and it wasn’t easy to get it all down. But I did it.

And it’s finally time for me to share it with you.

This is for every woman who considers herself a leader on a mission.

Every woman who has felt less than impressed by some of what goes on in the coaching and online business space.

Every woman who isn’t trying to “love and light” her way past the hard stuff that can’t be ignored.

Every woman who knows she’s here for something more.

Every woman who has held herself back because of fear of what may or may not happen if she really goes for it. Or fear that she can’t handle what will come her way.

Every woman who is here to take a stand (and deal with the critics that come with the territory).

This is for you. Dive in.



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Apr 2, 2019

Jewelry designer and creative entrepreneur Tracy Matthews is here to bring an end to the starving artist syndrome. A low-point in her career during a financial downturn - filing for bankruptcy - allowed her to see that she was here for something more. And she is here to share her wisdom with creatives everywhere.

After closing her first jewelry company, she has built a scalable business helping visionaries use their creativity to cut through the BS and make more money.

I first met Tracy a few years ago and was immediately impressed by her energy and enthusiasm for her work and her mission.

In this conversation, Tracy shares a powerful view of the reality that not everything in business takes the road you think it will, and the valuable and powerful lesson that if you stay the course and live your truth, great things will manifest.

Tune in to hear:

  • Why knowing your business numbers are important even if you are a creative
  • How business isn’t a straight line up, it’s a road of ups and downs
  • How knowing what kind of business person you are helps you focus on the correct things in your business so you can delegate everything else
  • Why you should protect your creative and visionary energy and use your gifts to make money
  • That your definition of success may not align with your current circumstances
  • The vulnerable and gutsy money move that surprised her
  • Why creatives rule the world!
Mar 29, 2019

What Do You Want More Of?

Here’s the deal: In the grand scheme of things, you are here on this Earth for a very short time. Within this time you’ve been given, it’s your job to honor the calling that’s been placed on your soul.

I know this sounds super New Age-y, but it’s the truth.

My calling is to help you develop your sacred work and TAKE A STAND for what you know is real and right. And to take this work as far as it’s meant to go. In whatever direction it’s meant to go. With a sisterhood of support and love. And to remember there are cycles and seasons to the work. Especially important to remember as women. We are cyclical creatures. Ignore this at your own peril.

This work isn’t just business. It connects to your family. Your health. Your self-care. Your deepest desires.

We don’t get to graduate from doing the work.

The work is the way.

A line from the amazing “Women Who Run With the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes nails it >> “If we could realize that the work is to keep doing the work, we would be much more fierce and much more peaceful.”


So in honor of this truth, I ask you today: what do you want MORE OF as you do your world-changing work and live your incredible life? Let’s dive in on today’s episode.

Mar 19, 2019

Adrenal fatigue led Allison Crow to get honest about changes she needed to make in her successful coaching business. In this raw and real episode of Get Gutsy, she shares her journey of transitioning from a business built around high-end coaching, retreats and “all the things” to a simple yet powerful membership model.


This focus on ONE THING has helped her embrace a less is more and better is better energy. But it’s not all roses and rainbows in any kind of business model. There are new challenges and new messes to clean up. And new levels of trust to develop. And new paradoxes to play with.


Tune in to hear:

  • What happens if less is more? If more is not better, but better is better?
  • Dealing with churn and membership cancellations
  • How there is no end to our reinvention and creation
  • Her desire to be a transparent and unfiltered leader
  • Taking a stand on having an authentic business behind the scenes on the logistics side and on the mystic side
  • Getting in alignment to hear and listen to your own voice.
  • Avoiding shiny object syndrome


Big love + big impact,


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Mar 13, 2019

You can judge me or you can join me” is a line I heard from one of my favorite Peloton instructors Ally Love.

If you hadn’t heard the news, I bought a Peloton last month and it has blown me away. The brand, the buying experience, the community, the instructors, the way I feel when I ride.


Which is the type of work you want to put out in the world.

And you're here to change the world through your work.

Our world is in need of massive healing and massive change. Are you fully doing your part? Are you waiting for someone else to handle it?   

This is NOT the time to sit back and hope for the best. This is the time for TRUE leadership. This is the time for women to take back their power. This is the time for women to step into their full earning potential. This is the time for you to make the impact that is yours to make.  

Because wealthy, empowered women will change the world.

But maybe you're afraid of people judging you when you take your work to another level? This podcast episode is for you.

Jan 25, 2019

A Day In the Life of an Award-Winning Coach

Do you ever wonder how people design their days? I do. I find it fascinating to learn how human beings LIVE day-to-day.

You can learn a lot about someone when you see how they spend their precious time.

Time is more valuable than money. You can always make more money. But you can’t get time back once it’s gone.

I am a fierce protector of my time. I’m very conscious of every move I make in my business and how I design my schedule.

I ask myself, “Is this helping me grow my business? And is this the best use of my time right now?”

I only say YES to opportunities that I feel will move the mission forward.

Tune in here ...

Jan 18, 2019

10 Powerful Lessons from a Wild Year

2018 was a wild one.

I had so many highlights and lessons swimming around in my mind as the year ended and 2019 got started. The hardest part was carving out the space to simply get clear.

I know you get it :)

But I took the time to identify my top lessons learned because it’s so helpful to look at what happened last year.

So I can celebrate my progress and remember what I’ve learned. When I know something to be be true for me and my business, I don’t have to re-learn that lesson. I’m all set. This contributes to bigger strides and less drama (this mama doesn’t need any drama!).

I hope this list is helpful for you as you take your mission to the next level this year.

Tune in here ...

Dec 14, 2018

It’s been a while, but I’m so pumped to have a new episode for you.

Tune in and hear:

- The experiments I ran this year and where they led me

- The changes I'm making in 201

- How to join forces with me + amazing women from around the world for a year of transformation!

Time to GET GUTSY, take a stand + make magic together.

Sep 25, 2018

It’s FALL! The days are growing shorter. The air is getting colder. The leaves are starting to change colors and fall from their branches. The darkness is coming. The earth will go to sleep soon.

This is such a powerful time of year. It’s harvest season.

Time to celebrate. Time to reflect on what you’ve created and nourished. Time to honor the MANY lessons you’ve learned. Time to let certain things DIE that are truly over. You must allow certain ways of being to DIE within you to make space for the the NEW seeds that will grow into the next year’s harvest. 

We have just about 3 months left of 2018. Let’s hunker down and focus on what transformation you are ready to experience AND lead your people through.

Know this: Transformation is all about navigating TRANSITION.

That’s what this episode of GET GUTSY is dedicated to.

Sep 12, 2018

First off, I’m back! I’ve missed you.

Secondly, do I have an amazing episode for you!

A little backstory >> Over the last decade of mothering and growing my business, I had gotten really lazy with exercise.

EVERYTHING else seemed to take priority over exercise.

Yes, I had my yoga classes that I loved, but when life got full (which is like, always!) I tended to get to 1 – 2 classes a week. I’d fit some hikes in here and there and call it a day.

I thought this was the way it had to be until my kids get older and/or my work life slows down.

Well 2 months ago, I was called to make a change. Because I wasn’t feeling as optimized as I wanted to. I felt sluggish. And not as strong as I want to feel.

So I decided to make a fitness a priority no matter how much was happening in my life.

But I needed a coach and a program to get me on the right track. I needed a clear-cut plan to follow that takes out all of the guesswork. And I wanted workouts that I could mostly do at home or in my neighborhood.

Enter: AMANDA TRESS and the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.

This woman and her nutrition and fitness program have changed my life for the better.

So I just had to invite her onto the show today to learn more about how she has created a true wellness revolution. Plus, I just wanted to get to know her better. And Amanda held nothing back!

Tune in to hear:

  • What a doctor told Amanda as a teenager that she refused to believe
  • How the fitness industry chooses you
  • How she transitioned from training clients individually to training groups of women to scaling virtual fitness bootcamp groups
  • The power of Intermittent Fasting (and why she was willing to face criticism for making this strategy a core component of her FASTer Way to Fat Loss program)
  • The ways Amanda leveraged live video to grow her audience and sales
  • Amanda’s view on the most powerful marketing tool available (are you utilizing this effectively in your business?)
  • The power of accountability
  • What makes the FASTer Way to Fat Loss so unique and so effective (I’m sharing my personal results from round 1 of the program!) and how you can join us for the next round of this program
  • Amanda’s biggest lessons learned this year as she has grown her business into multi-millions of dollars in revenue



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Jun 18, 2018

I left my successful corporate career in New York City more than 10 years ago after yoga teacher training (went from 6 figures to 0 figures overnight!) to follow the path to happiness because I was tired of bitching about my job and feeling like shit.

Listening to my inner voice was liberating and terrifying all at the same time. The conventional path seemed much more "normal" and popular ... yet my soul was taking me in another direction.

I knew I wanted to help women break free from jobs + lifestyles that robbed them of their joy and freedom.

I found initial success in building my business by working with fantastic coaches and joining masterminds with other serious business owners. And I did this while having babies with my husband and raising our children while growing my business on a very part-time schedule.

But even though my business looked good on the outside, I still had this dull ache on the inside. Because I was hiding out from my true nature. And I felt a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress as an entrepreneur. And this was spilling over into my personal life.

And then I decided to learn from GABBY BERNSTEIN.

I had heard of her for YEARS, but honestly was triggered by her because she was doing and saying so much of what I wanted to be doing and saying! She was featured in the New York Times, writing bestselling books, being interviewed by Oprah, giving talks to big audiences. All of the things!

Finally I heard SPIRIT loud and clear say to me: LEARN FROM HER.

And so I did! I went to her retreat at Kripalu with my best friend (cried my eyes out feeling so much love in that room + then felt so much freedom from feeling my feelings!) ... and immediately signed up for Gabby's Spirit Junkie Masterclass training. Completed that and then signed up for her Level 2 training.

I've been on a roll ever since doing this work and sharing this work with my coaching clients. My business keeps growing ... and I'm working "less" than I ever have ... and doing MORE of what lights me up.

I'm living a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Because of our work together, my life is full of magic. I manifest the most amazing wins, opportunities and people in my life.

Now it's your turn! I am sooooo excited to invite you to come hang out with me and Gabby as you feel the power of saying yes to cashing in on your calling as a SPIRIT JUNKIE.

We’re going DEEP!



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Jun 12, 2018

Last week was a doozy.

Not only did we hear the news about Kate Spade’s death by suicide on Tuesday, but on Friday we heard about Anthony Bourdain’s suicide.

Fuck. So much pain.

Kate and Anthony had it “all” it would seem. Success. Career. Money. Travel. Options. Family. Celebrity.

So what happened?

A big conversation about mental health and depression is now happening, and that’s a good thing.

Because success is a nuanced road.

Nobody gets out of here alive.

The question is … what will you do with the time you’ve been given? And are you willing to get help on your journey?

Let’s be real with each other.

That’s what this SOLO episode of GET GUTSY is dedicated to.

Jun 6, 2018

Guess what? The way you’ve designed your home or office could be holding you back from getting what you want.

Energy is everything and Patricia Lohan gets that. This Irish world traveler, living her dream in Bali(!), is the go-to feng shui expert for leaders ready to release physical and mental clutter and accelerate their success.

It’s time to LET LIFE FLOW. It’s time to open up to so much more abundance.

Patricia shares the low-down on feng shui and so much more including these gems:

  • Her journey into yoga, sound healing and feng shui
  • How the energy in your surroundings can block your success
  • The power of making your home your temple
  • Tips on how to create positive energy in your home
  • Why your house is like a person
  • What to expect when you start using feng shui
  • The ripple effect that happens when you implement feng shui
  • Working with a shaman to bond with her homeland

About Our Guest:

Patricia Lohan helps women become magnetic to success, abundance and all the good things. She shows you what they don’t teach in school, what lies between the lines, your top secret tool for success. She is a Feng Shui expert, a healer and passionate female entrepreneur who has shaped her dream life living in Bali with her husband. Patricia has seen first-hand the power of the mind, surroundings and inner healing, clearing and aligning everything so it works holistically.



May 30, 2018

What do you want?

In your work?

In your relationships?

In your body?

In your mind?

In your soul?

Be real.

If you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be real with?

I have found that so many women are living on the periphery of the truth. They’ve got one foot in. One foot out.

When it comes to the sacred work you are here to create and contribute to the world, this lack of commitment will crush you. And crush your business.

You can’t be soft here.

You can’t be a dabbler.

You can’t aspire to be average.

You can’t be wishy washy.

You’ve got to take a position and go after it like your life depends on it.

You’ve got to step into your GENIUS.

This, my love, is the power of the FULL MOON.

So to help you harness this FULL MOON ENERGY we are in right now, I have a few tips for you on this SOLO episode of GET GUTSY. And I also REVEAL something that I’ve been working on for many moons. So excited to share with you!

May 23, 2018

It was the fall of 2009 when I realized my new-ish coaching business wasn’t going to make it with the model I had been taught in coaching school. I was a new mom who didn’t want to work a full-time schedule, but still had big dreams to help my tribe of women. I wanted to figure out this online business world, but needed a guide, fast.

Enter ALI BROWN. This woman helped me save my business. I directly credit her mentorship with getting me to where I am today, a multiple-six-figure business owner serving clients all over the world (plus, I’m a mom of 3, still not working a full-time schedule!).

So you can imagine how PSYCHED I am to share Ali’s brilliance with you today. I call her the OG (Original Goddess) of the industry. She was the woman who paved the way for so many of us here today.

And in true Ali fashion, she made a bold move a few years ago when she made a sharp right turn and completely redesigned her business and is enjoying extraordinary results.

Why did she do it? What lessons does she have to share? Where is this industry headed?

Tune in because she shares all on this episode of Get Gutsy.

About Our Guest:

Ali Brown is the world’s most recognized coach for entrepreneurial women, and built a coaching and consulting enterprise that has ranked in the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in the nation.

She has been named one of Forbes’ Women to Watch, one of Ernst & Young's Winning Women Entrepreneurs, and an entrepreneur delegate for the United Nations Foundation Global Accelerator.

Ali was featured on the ABC hit primetime show "Secret Millionaire”, and her coaching and mentorship has been featured on and many other major media outlets.

She has over 250,000 followers via, her social media channels, and her Glambition® Radio show on iTunes, which has gained repeated inclusions on Top 10 podcast listings from both Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines.



May 15, 2018

It's easy to get lost in life. It's easy to follow the crowd. It's so easy to get trapped in a life you *thought* you wanted only to realize after you get it, that this ain't it! It's even easier to silence your voice and think that your needs don't truly matter.

In our quest to "prove ourselves," it's easy to push against our bodies, our intuition, our values, our natural rhythms.

This is not a sustainable approach to life, love, health, relationships or your career.

As women, we are designed to flow with the moon, but so many women have forgotten ... we push, push, push and try to operate in a structure that robs us of our power.            

We burn out. We get sick. We disconnect from our body and our truth and the work that is ours to create and contribute.          

The old ways of WORKING (not listening to your body, pushing, forcing or trying to control outcomes) do NOT work anymore (let's be honest - they really never did!). You’re on social media A LOT yet feel lonely.  

It’s noisier than ever. The advice you receive - from so many sources - contradicts itself. You’re more confused than ever. Some days your fear consumes you and you simply want to crawl under your blanket and hide.   

Do you feel this too?  

There is a better way ...

Join me and Christine Gutierrez for this real and raw conversation about what it means to unleash your WILD WOMAN MAGIC and how YOU can join us at our 1-day retreat in New York City where we will dive deep together.

Areas we touch on:

  • What psychology really is
  • Trauma and addiction
  • Healing is messy
  • What does your body really need?
  • A veil is being lifted + layers are being peeled away
  • Be mindful of biases
  • Go deeper into your leadership

About Our Guest:

Christine Gutierrez, MHC, is a Latina psychotherapist, love addiction expert, life coach and expert in trauma, abuse, & self-esteem. Christine’s mission is to empower as many people as possible to heal their pain and own their worth.



May 8, 2018

Want more soulful sex? A deeper, more loving relationship with yourself and others?

Yes please! It’s time to OPEN WIDE.

Melissa Ambrosini offers some amazing wisdom on how to live an open wide life from your heart space, including:

  • Why the most important relationship of all is with yourself and how unconditional self-love serves you
  • Ways to open up to deeper relationships
  • What crystal clear, heart-centered communication is, why it’s key to successful relationships and how to get better at it
  • How to ditch “junk food sex” and experience sex as a sacred act
  • Following your intuition in life and business
  • The importance of boundaries when working with your spouse
  • Making gutsy financial moves

About Our Guest:

Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, host of 'The Melissa Ambrosini Show' podcast, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and self-love teacher. Named a 'self-help guru' by Elle Magazine, her message — that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word — has inspired women across the globe to activate their dreams and live life on their own terms.



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May 1, 2018

Today we’re talking about the 4-letter F-word: FEAR. It can hold you back big time. Guess what? We all have it. It’s part of being human.

According to Kate Swoboda, our Get Gutsy guest and author of the new book “The Courage Habit,” fear shows up in 4 ways:

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Pessimism
  3. Martyrdom
  4. Self-sabotage

Can you relate to any of these fear-based habits? I can! Kate and I are going deep into fear and coming out on the other side: courage.

Areas we explore:

  • Being an overachiever
  • Dealing fear and stepping into courage
  • Feeling your feelings and getting to the truth
  • How to turn fear-based habits and into courageous habits
  • The courage habit
  • How we’ve both dealt with critics
  • Loving and accepting yourself completely

About Our Guest:

Kate Swoboda is the author of The Courage Habit, Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification at and creator of, where she teaches people how to change old patterns of self-doubt and create courageous habits (and courageous lives) using the neuropsychology of habit-formation. Kate was deemed one of the top 50 bloggers in health, fitness and happiness by Greatist. She has contributed to Entrepreneur, USA Today, Forbes, Lifetime Moms, The Intelligent Optimist, MindBodyGreen, Business Insider, and more.



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Apr 24, 2018

Want to supercharge your life? Start by understanding the wisdom of your menstrual cycle. Yes, we are going there today.

Over the last several months, I’ve been reveling in really getting to know the cycles of my body and the moon (they are totally linked!). This has changed everything for me.

So when I came across Nicole Harlow I just knew she had to be on GET GUTSY. Nicole and I have a powerful conversation about one of my favorite topics - our cycles - as well as these juicy topics:

  • Life as a digital nomad and settling down on the Malta beach
  • Living in a van for 3 months while running a web design business
  • Being a serial entrepreneur which included stints in burlesque, yoga, digital marketing, design, astrology, and menstruation, hormones and fertility issues
  • The creative process
  • Understanding and capitalizing on who you are instead of comparing how you work to how others work
  • The importance of committing to yourself and monetizing your ideas
  • Tribe building and allowing your community to grow with you as you evolve
  • The wisdom and power of our bodies and working with our cycles

About Our Guest:

Nicole Harlow is a Hormonal Sexologist, Integrative Hormonal Health Expert, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and yoga teacher, with a Master of Arts in Sexuality. She is the author of international bestselling book Chakra Detox, host of top-50 iTunes self-help podcast The Spirited Entrepreneur and creator of Your Year of Radical Transformation, Namaste MBA + Unlock Your Cycle™ online programs. She is the founder of The Center for Menstrual + Sexual Health™ and Creative Director of Nicole Harlow Design Studio. A Philly girl by birth, she currently lives on the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta.



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